Race 2008

Czech version

Agenda and supposed schedules

Deadline for sending registrations by (e-mail )
19.4.2008 1st Czech Cup – downstream run sprint
10:00 Start of the 1st run sprint order C1M, K1M, K1Ž, C2M (C1Z, C2Z)
Start of the 2nd run aprox. 15-20 minutes after finishing of the first run
Announcement of the results in sprint will be held together with the results of the sentries race
19.4.2008 Championship of the Czech Republic in downstream run of sentries
15:30 Start of the sentries race in the same order of categories
cca 17:30 Announcement of the results minim. 30 minutes after coming the last boat into the finish post
20.4.2008 2nd Czech Cup in downstream run – long trace
10:00 Start of the race in the order of categories C1M, K1M, K1Ž, C2M (C1Z, C2Z)
cca 13:30 Announcement of the results of the long trace minimally 30 minutes after coming the last boat into the finish post

Training and running possibilities except the race (info-leaflet in PDF)

19.4. (SAT) till 9:45 In the sprint area – training for racers
Supposed training on the trace for sentries
  after 17:00 Free
20.4. (SUN) till 9:45 Training for racers in the area for the long trace
  after 13:00 Free
Please respect the mentioned training times and so enable the racers to concentrate for the race.

Place of championships, planned and alternative trace

Main trace
Starting place Junction of the Vydra and Křemelná rivers - Čeňkova Pila
Finish post for sprint The Otava river – the end of the isle under the junction
Finish post for long trace The bridge in Rejštejn
Race office, directory,
consultation, announcement of results
Camping site Radešov
Alternative trace
Across the slalom trace in the town of Sušice – the Otava River near the railway station
Long trace – possibility 1 From the weir under the slalom trace to the camping place Čepice
Long trace – posibility 2 From the riverside in Sušice (behind the supermarket Penny) across the slalom trace to the camping site under Sušice
Race office
consultation, announcement of results on Saturday
Camping site at the slalom trace Sušice - near the railway station
Announcement Sunday in case the finish post is in Čepice – camping site Čepice
Alternative trace in case of absence of water (low waterstand), the choice of the long trace depends on the possibility of running down the weir under the slalom trace in Sušice


Important info

  • The race is being realized in the National Park of Šumava
    • The border of the National Park is in Rejštejn
    • Allowed getting on – only at the junction of the Vydra and Křemelná rivers
    • Strictly forbidden to get out on the left bank (1st zone of the National Park).
    • Please do respekt standing (parking) only at the dedicated places
  • During the championships you can park your cars at Čeňkova Pila on the right side of the road in the direction upwards (to Srní). However at the same time it is necessary to keep enough place for passing vehicles (incl . buses, coaches). Please follow the organizers instructions thoroughly

Some more info for racers

  • Accommodation for racers in sleeping bags – in the gym in Kašperské Hory (40 people per night). In case of the alternative trace – Grammar School in Sušice

The championship is mentioned in the international survey ICF

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